What do we need to pay attention to when using AI to create content?

By admin, 20 July, 2023

Google used to be against any automatically generated content, whether it's AI-generated, stitched together, or translated. However, now Google's stance is that the way content is created is not the key, but rather the purpose and quality of the content created and whether it is helpful to users. Any content created with the purpose of search rankings is a violation of Google's quality guidelines, regardless of how the content is generated. With AI becoming increasingly powerful, what should we pay attention to when using AI to create content?

Although Google's attitude towards automatically generated content has changed, there are still several points we need to pay attention to:

Understand user needs and search intent: We need to understand the purpose and needs of users' searches and create useful content by understanding their search intent. This means selecting keywords and using tools to help us understand search intent. Ensure content quality: Google now focuses more on content quality rather than the method of creation. Therefore, we need to ensure that automatically generated content meets user needs and expectations, and avoid issues such as grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Avoid excessive reliance on automatically generated content: While automatically generated content can improve efficiency, we still need human review and editing to ensure content quality. Avoid over-optimization: We need to be careful not to over-optimize automatically generated content, such as excessive use of keywords or unnaturally inserting links. Ensure content originality: Google values original content more, so we need to ensure that automatically generated content is not copied from other websites. Use relevant AI tools: AI tools can help us generate higher quality content. For example, text generators can create grammatically correct and fluent paragraphs, and translation tools can translate content into other languages, etc. We need to choose the right tools and use them flexibly.

In summary, using AI to create website content requires us to focus on content quality, user needs, and search intent, and avoid issues such as over-optimization and plagiarism.